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Our Values:

Honesty : we operate honestly, care about interests of our personnel, customers and partners and seek their satisfaction.

Quality : We work on providing high quality products and services to meet needs and expectations of our customers.

Customer service : We take care of serving our customers and meet their requirements efficiently and in a timely manner.

Employee satisfaction : we consider our employees partners in success. Accordingly, we consider our employee satisfaction as a main pillar of our success.

Teamwork : we believe in the significance of teamwork and that our success is based on our maintaining of and commitment to it.

Achievement : we complete our tasks efficiently in accordance with administrative and technical requirements of completion.

Motivation : we appreciate our employees who perform their jobs efficiently and effectively and we are keen on motivating and encouraging them to continue serving the best.

Social Responsibility : we view that our existence as part of the local society make us responsible for supporting and developing the local society and increase our concern about safety of people (inside and outside establishment).