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Chairman Message:


Since the foundation of the Hassan Misfer Al Zahrani & Partners  Holding Group (closed joint stock company) in the early fifties, the group has been able to adopt the known modern concepts & values of business administration. During the past decades the group has advanced courageously in rapid strides and invested in many Business Areas.
The Modern Thinking, innovation & creativity is the main foundation on which our group has been established. AL Zahrani Group is advancing steadily towards becoming one of the leading companies in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The main principle that governs our Group activities is “Quality through Versatility“ which is the common denominator that enables us be committed constantly by our promises to our Customers, Partners and Employees. 
As a family business that owns diversified investments, our strength is a result of the continual wide spectrum of our activities & operations, which includes industrial, commercial, contracting, travel and cargo fields, supported  with long financial and administrative support experience. 
During the past years we aimed to take advanced steps towards well studied and lasting expansion. Today thanks to God, we can clearly see the fruit of these arduous efforts. We have turned from a small trading establishment to a stock group of company with multiple activities, which made the group an example, similar companies looks up to.
We in Al Zahrani Group have adopted a vision we aim to achieve based on our capabilities, which is to be one of the ideal leading companies with a strong presence in Saudi Arabia.
Our mission is summed up in establishing constant growth, considerable profit to our shareholders, and provide excellent services & maintain good relations with our customers. Therefore, in order to achieve these goals we have employed the best human resources and generously invested in the latest technologies putting always our customers satisfaction and expectations at the top of our strategy.

Chairman of the Board of Directors 
Hassan Misfer Al Zahrani