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The history of Hassan Misfer Al Zahrani & Partners Group in Dammam dates back to the early fifties of the past century. The nucleus of the Group was a sole proprietorship practicing its activities in the field of domestic utensils trading. With persistent effort of its administration and staff this a sole proprietorship developed and diversified its activities covering most regions of Saudi Arabia and thus it became a well known group of companies practicing different fields of activities such as trading, contracting, maintenance & operation, tourism and travel. The group now consists of the following companies:
Zahrani Trading Co. (Home Appliances - Electrical Appliances - Hyper Markets).
Trans-Island Trading Co.
Zahrani Trading & Contracting Co.
Zahrani Industrial Maintenance Co.
Mansour Stainless Steel Factory.
Trans-Saudi Arabia Agency for Travel & Tourism.
Trans-Island Agency for Travel & Cargo.
Le-Galets (Artisan For Chocolates & Pasteries).
AlZahrani for Enginering & Maintenance.
Taziz General Trading Co.
Our desire to keep in line with development and to excel in consumer service was and still the main drive of our management towards advancement, through qualified people and state –of –art technologies.